Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The arrival of query letters is a daily occurence. Hundreds a month. They most often arrive through e-mail, but the USPS still delivers a healthy amount too.

Today I received one with a Triboro NY postmark - which encompasses Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. I grew up in SINY, so it caught my eye.

When I flipped over the small envelope, there was a protruding piece of film strip. The end of the strip had been folded into the envelope, allowing the rest to hang out. The sealed envelope flap kept it in place. (When I inspected the film strip up to the light, it revealed Naomi Watts and King Kong.)

I opened the envelope to find nothing but a blank piece of blue paper, the size of a business card.

But the outside of the envelope was adorned with a tiny stamp - three simple Youtube search words - which led me to a video. I was greeted by a young man with an accent who opted not to pitch his project but to explain instead how several of his ideas had transpired into big Hollywood movies conceived by others. He felt certain that his lastest idea would also be commandeered by Hollywood, and he was giving me the opportunity to snatch it up before someone else stumbled upon the same concept.

I didn't find his pitch as interesting as I did another video which documents his preparation for the query assault. Over 1000 of these little envelopes proliferated the town.

I suspect his strategy won't be all that successful, but he clearly demonstrates an active desire. (He just needs a script to back it up.)

But all this prompts me to ask: What have you done today to get a step closer to success?

Here's the initial PITCH.

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